The Preah Vihear provincial health department is spearheading an initiative to promote health during the rainy season and are working with local authorities to spread awareness about dengue fever prevention.

On July 20, the provincial health department reported that its director Kuong Lo visited Sraem Health Centre to monitor potential dengue fever cases.

This visit was part of a collaborative initiative with Choam Ksan district authorities and local health volunteers.

During his visit, Lo imparted vital information with health centre officials.

"We need to identify the main symptoms of dengue fever and diagnose them quickly. If anyone is suspected of having dengue fever, we will ensure they are sent to Choam Ksan hospital or the provincial hospital promptly,” he said.

In a move to mobilise local communities, Lo also made an earnest appeal to local leaders, commune councillors, village chiefs and health supporters.

He urged them to take an active role in educating residents about the critical importance of cleanliness and mosquito control in their fight against dengue.

He introduced a slogan intended to inspire and motivate: "My family and I serve as a model because our home is free of mosquito larvae.”

By adopting this motto, he aimed to drive home the message that every household has a vital part to play in controlling the spread of dengue.

Following their initial work, the team from the health department made their next stop at the Choam Ksan referral hospital, where they engaged in constructive discussions with local authorities, representatives from the local military division, and staff from Chheuteal Kong Sen Tech Health Centre. Their shared objective was to develop effective strategies for the prevention and treatment of dengue fever.