Minister of Post and Telecommunications Chea Vandeth has urged students who successfully pass their high school exams to explore pursuing further studies in digital technology and associated skills, in order to align with the dynamic demands of the digital job market. 

The 2022-2023 high school exams were recently completed.

“As the ministry oversees government responsibilities for telecommunications and digital technology development, I encourage high school graduates to consider studying digital technology and associated skills. This may pave the way for lucrative job opportunities, enhancing their families’ lives through improved income,” Vandeth added.

He explained that acquiring digital technology skills aligns with the government’s vision of establishing a digital government, economy and society. This opens doors to numerous undergraduate study opportunities in digital technology-related fields, many of which are supported by scholarships and study loans. 

The minister expressed his hope that students will achieve commendable results, and envisioned that their post-graduation contributions to Cambodia’s development would ultimately realising the economic and financial goals set for 2050.

Kong Samneang, head of the Federation of Education Services in Cambodia, all agreed on the significance of the digital sector. He urged young people, particularly students, to embrace digital skills, citing their potential for securing favourable employment prospects.

“The crucial stride towards Cambodia’s technological and socio-economic development is human resource development. We need increased capacity building in digital skills,” he said.

While advocating for IT skills, he added that he urges all students to be thoroughly prepared. He encouraged research into digital technology skills, but also placed an additional emphasis on foreign language acquisition.

The ministry added that in alignment with the modernisation and integration of digital technology in the telecommunications sector under the seventh government mandate, it prioritises the implementation of three key government recommendations. These include the establishment of a digital government, empowering a digital economy and business environment, and nurturing digital literacy among the general public. 

These initiatives aim to foster the development of e-commerce and bolster Cambodia’s economic diversification, the ministry said.