Authorities in Kampong Speu province, in partnership the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP), have successfully educated transport drivers on road safety. The outcome has been a notable decline in accidents involving workers’ transport trucks during the first half of this year, according to deputy provincial governor Sar Soputra.

Soputra recently participated in a meeting to assess the effective implementation of the initiative. During the meeting, he expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration with AIP, which enabled joint sessions for vehicle handlers.

The programme has equipped these workers with improved skills in safe automotive operation, vehicle inspection, adherence to traffic laws, and overall roadway security awareness.

“Following the training, our drivers have significantly reduced road accidents. This has greatly contributed to Cambodia’s traffic safety policy and enhanced the well-being of garment workers,” Soputra said.

“During the eight months of instruction, we encountered only one traffic accident—a transport truck rollover. Prior to the classes, such incidents were prevalent,” he added.

Soputra outlined a key approach for factories, stating that they are encouraged to relocate closer to residential areas, thereby minimising travel time and costs for employees.

“Our objective is to establish factories in these localities to bolster responsible driving efforts,” he added.

Kim Pagna, country director of AIP, proposed a nationwide implementation of this policy for all labourers. He emphasised the daily risk faced by people during their commute. The province is home to more than 300 factories employing tens of thousands.

“Road accidents involving garment workers not only impair their efficiency and productivity but also lead to financial and familial hardships,” Pagna said.

“Prioritising safe worker transportation outweighs mere survival,” he added, summing up the policy’s essence.

According to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), incidents involving workers in the garment, bag, and footwear sectors constitute 55 per cent of all road accidents.