Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Hang Chuon Naron has called on all teacher training institutions to establish standard libraries and incorporate reading programmes into their curricula to further enhance the capabilities of pedagogical students.

The minister made the remarks during his visit to the Banteay Meanchey Provincial Teacher Training Centre on March 17, as reported by the ministry.

During the tour, Chuon Naron noted that the institution has been advancing the skills of mentors through technical workshops, team meetings and training on the use of experimental materials. 

He said this includes fostering creativity, improving research abilities and facilitating the exchange of various teaching methods among trainees.

The minister emphasised the importance of equipping new students with comprehensive skills in three key primary school subjects: reading, mathematics and science.

“New pedagogical students should have a teaching handbook and advance access to teaching materials to save time. To strengthen the capacity of [these] students, we urge all teacher training institutions to have a standard library and incorporate reading training programmes during school hours,” he said.

Chuon Naron commended school management and teachers for their diligent efforts in leadership roles and encouraged them to continue cooperating in implementing educational reforms.

Kong Samneang, head of the Federation of Education Services in Cambodia, supported the idea of establishing libraries, highlighting their benefits for research and effective teaching. 

“Creating a standard library, however, requires substantial resources, including physical infrastructure, desks, bookshelves and other equipment,” he pointed out.

“Each school management team should be able to gather various forms of assistance from relevant partners to ensure their libraries are well-equipped with sufficient books and materials. If achieved, this will enable pedagogical students to read and research and impart that knowledge to their students,” he added.

The ministry previously stated that it has been developing teacher training institutions into high-quality educational facilities, including improving physical infrastructure, teaching and learning resources and modernising teaching methods to suit the context of the 21st century, ensuring that instructional students are well-prepared to impart effective and quality knowledge to their students.

To reach these objectives and implement their action plans, the ministry will continue reforming training schools. The effort will focus on key areas including enhancing training programmess, advancing the professional development of mentors in lesson content, developing infrastructure with new technologies, establishing libraries with modern and comprehensive facilities and ensuring the richness and quality of training.