Minister of Labour and Vocational Training Ith Samheng said that a new laboratory of the Board of Engineers of Cambodia (BEC) offers the possibility of managing, monitoring, analysing and tracking the code of conduct of professional engineers.

Samheng, who is also the chairman of the BEC, made the remarks at the September 9 inauguration of the lab in Phnom Penh.

“This lab offers many possibilities for the professional engineers at BEC. We are working together to implement a rectangular strategy to develop national engineering intellectual resources. These resources are essential for building the nation with honour, dignity and integrity,” he added.

He commended the leadership and civil servants of the general-secretariat of the BEC for cooperating with CAST Laboratories PTE Ltd of Singapore. The company utilised advanced technology that met ISO international standards and had many years of expertise and experience in testing, assembling, certifying and evaluating construction. The company had received global recognition from national and international regulatory bodies.

“We have made marked progress since its inception in 2009, with the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen, as honorary chairman. The general-secretariat of the BEC has accomplished many great achievements,” he said.

He added that the achievements had been made thanks to the right leadership, a strong will and wisdom. Clear, accurate and precise policies, strategies and development plans had been laid out and each institution had effective management in all areas. This had resulted in significant progress in infrastructure, with high-rise buildings, overpasses and highways, he noted.

“These achievements prove that the development of engineering resources is one of the strongest and most indispensable driving forces for the development of a prosperous society. Thus, it is necessary for us to increase the leadership mechanisms that make this institution a strong centre that will contribute to sustainable social development,” Samheng added.

Sokhom Rithivuth, secretary-general of BEC said the national engineering authority was established in line with socio-economic development and the mutual recognition of transboundary engineering services in the ASEAN region. It mobilised the intellectual resources of national registered engineers, managing and developing their professional capacities to ensure that the engineering profession maintained high quality, efficient standards, for the sake of the nation’s development.