The ministries of health and environment called for increased public awareness throughout the country, especially in rural areas, about the risks of Malaria.

“People must change their mindsets and practise clean living in order to improve public health,” said environment ministry secretary of state Mom Thany, as officials from the two ministries distributed mosquito nets and medicine to the people of Pralay, Chumnap and Thma Donpov communes in Koh Kong province’s Thma Bang district on March 30.

In a social media post, the environment ministry said Thany had appealed to all relevant state institutions, the private sector, civil society organisations and donor communities to continue to work with the ministry to improve the protection of the Kingdom’s natural resources.

“They must also work to eradicate malaria, so Cambodia can move towards a malaria-free future,” it said.

The post said the event in Thma Bang was held to educate the public about measures that would prevent malaria cases, such as through the use of mosquito nets.

“The awareness campaign is part of our efforts to encourage the public to participate in the eradication of malaria from Cambodia by 2025,” it added.