More than 40,000 people received their fifth doses of Covid-19 vaccines on the first day of the fifth dose campaign. Two types of vaccines were used: Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

The Ministry of Health said that the exact number of fifth dose vaccinations was 42,897 shots administered.

Nationwide, Cambodia has reached a vaccination rate of 94.07 per cent of its population with at least the first dose, out of an estimated population of 16 million people. Over 9.2 million people have now received their third doses, while 2.6 million have received their fourth doses.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief and Joint Chief of Staff of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, Ith Sarath, who oversees the vaccinations being carried out by the Ministry of National Defense, said on June 10 that more than 35,000 people have been vaccinated by the military’s medical teams.

“Today, we provided jabs to the army and their families as well as veterans. Soon, we will finish fifth dose vaccinations for those groups,” he said, adding that the vaccination teams from the defense ministry are also currently providing third and fourth dose vaccinations to the general public in 13 different provinces.