The National Election Committee (NEC) confirmed that in the first two days of new registration on October 20-21 for next year's national election, more than 30,000 new voters had registered, while nearly 6,000 people have been de-listed.

In the meantime, more than 10,000 people have relocated their registration to new communes, according to NEC press release on October 22.

NEC said that in the first two days of voter list review and new registration, a total 32,165 new voters were registered, while a total of 5,857 voters had be deleted from the list. Also, 994 voters corrected their names. In the meantime, a total of 10,170 voters have changed their locations.

NEC called on the illegible voters to check their names during the 50-day period which runs from October 20 to December 8, from Monday to Sunday, in order to make corrections to the official record.

New voters who will reach the age of 18 as of the next election day on July 23 next year, meaning those born no later than July 24, 2005, they need to get registered at their local registration office. The adults who missed previous elections must also come to get registered again.