In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the ADB on November 3, the Koh Kong provincial administration opened a two-day workshop to instruct officials on how to ensure infrastructure and fisheries are resistant to disaster as part of the Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Project.

The workshop took place on November 3 and 4 in Krong Khemara Phoumin, presided over by Koh Kong provincial deputy governor Y Nearineth.

She delivered welcoming remarks to attendees and highlighted the overall threats to marine fisheries in Cambodia, the region and the world. These threats include climate change, rising sea levels, rising sea temperatures, increased typhoon activity and other catastrophic events.

The workshop aimed to share positive experiences and global knowledge with the attendees regarding the threats. This would enable them to keep infrastructure and fisheries resistant to disaster. They would improve their ability to identify threats and learn how to seek additional input when a situation demanded it.

The attendees included officials from sub-national level authorities, main operational departments and units and relevant parties. The knowledge they have gained on the effects of climate change and natural disasters on coastal area infrastructure and marine fisheries will allow them to respond effectively to these threats.