France has committed to supporting the Ministry of Health's priority plan and further enhancing health cooperation to improve the well-being of the Cambodian people, aiming to achieve universal health coverage, according to French ambassador Jacques Pellet.

The pledge was made during a meeting between Pellet and health minister Chheang Ra last week, where they discussed strengthening cooperation. 

Both parties highlighted the successful partnership between the two countries, citing examples like the collaboration between Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC), the University of Health Sciences (UHS) and Calmette Hospital, as per a social media post from the ministry.

“We have pledged to strengthen cooperation and support the [ministry’s] priority plan as well as to help [it] expand the scope of bilateral health cooperation between Cambodia and France,” he added.

He also mentioned that France's support continues as the country experiences peace, political stability and rapid economic growth, focusing on sustainable development and the achievements of the government.

Chheang Ra expressed his gratitude to the people and government of France for their assistance and support in developing various sectors in the country, particularly in human development aid in the sector and public health research projects.

“[Their] support has been instrumental in improving the well-being of the Cambodian people and achieving universal health coverage, in line with the Pentagonal Strategy of the seventh-mandate government,” he added.

Nuth Sambath, president of the Institute of Medicine, Biology and Agriculture of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, stated on December 7 that the collaboration between both sides is crucial as the country needs specialist partners to train human resources and implement policies and plans in the public health realm.

“With their support in [the sector], I have observed significant improvements in the well-being of our people. We have received material and technical support and assistance, as well as human resource training,” he added.