Cambodia has temporarily suspended the import of animal offal and frozen meat for six months, prompted by the discovery of large quantities of unauthorized products in Phnom Penh which could pose a direct threat to public health and consumer safety. 

In a joint statement announcing the decision, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said the move aligns with a January 9 directive issued by Prime Minister Hun Manet.

“The temporary suspension of imports, effective from March 12 to September 12, excludes qualified investment projects. The projects, which import the aforementioned goods for use as production inputs for export, are not subject to the measure,” it clarified.

The ministries have released a detailed list of the affected items. 

The list includes various frozen beef and pork parts such as livers, as well as other offal and meat, and chicken parts like frozen livers and certain meat and offal, excluding wings, thighs, liver and boneless meat.

The ban encompasses intestines, bladders and whole or partial animal stomachs, with the exception of fresh and processed fish products.

In response to the situation, the Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate-General (CCF) has intensified inspections at storage and distribution centres for frozen meat and related products nationwide. 

The action aims to enhance food quality and safety, safeguarding the health and well-being of the public.