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The Gecko: 14 June 1996

The Gecko: 14 June 1996

The Worldwide Survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists, published in March

1996, includes an interesting item in its Cambodia section. It says "And in

mid-November, the Funcinpec secretary-general, Prince Norodom Ranariddh (a close

ally of Rainsy's), was arrested on what many saw as fabricated charges of conspiracy,

terrorism and subversion." Oops!

** Are ants a problem in your home or office? The harsh reality is that you'll

just have to get used to them because they're everywhere. Ant scientists estimate

that there are around ten thousand trillion ants on the planet (that's 10,000,000,-000,000,000

for the mathematically impaired).

One expert calls ants "the most successful species on earth, a model of social

order." Of course, army ants are the ones you really need to worry about. It's

said that "army ants are among the world's most ferocious predators" and

"with their great hooks they are born for the business of butchery."

A colony of army ants on the move can devour a hog in an hour and a horse in half

a day. But, you might ask, how do they catch a horse in the first place?

After exhaustive research by a team of ant scientists, the truth can now be told.

Because ants never sleep (have you ever seen one sleeping?), at night when spiders

are dozing a battalion of crack army ants will sneak in and steal the web. Then they

make these tiny little lassos, almost invisible to the human eye, and head for the

nearest rodeo, where the cowboys are also out cold for the night. In an amazing feat

of coordination, the ants catch the horse with their teeny lariats and drag it away.


** To the man who's been told that his electricity rate is going up from 21

cents/kwh to 23 cents on July 1, guess what, you're getting scammed. EDC's chief

Krill Kuon when asked about the rumor said: "Why should they go up, they are

too high already. They should go down, somebody's pulling your leg."

** Mr. Parsley, please come in for a consultation. Thank you.

** Controlled pain. A manager plans to meet one of his employees at 10 am,

but the young lady calls up and says that she can't make the appointment because

she has a headache. But she tells her boss not to worry as the headache will be finished

by 2 pm and she can meet him then.