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The Gecko: 19 June 1998

The Gecko: 19 June 1998

C amScam Alert: Be advised! There is a red-haired European guy prowling the city looking

to prey upon the generousity of good samaritans. He's been seen in front of the palace

and elsewhere. Generally, he approaches a mark with the querie: "Parla Italiano?

No? You espeek Engleeshe? Ah bene. I have beega, beega problemo. I need to telephoziano

to Italia but I no have the money. Can you give me a couple of dollars for a phone


** Mama mia!! Contrary to widespread speculation that has been sweeping sports circles,

Eva Galabru is not beefing up on a mega-calorie diet of Twinkies, chips and BigMacs

in preparation for the All-Southeast Asian Women's Sumo Championships. It's a little

more simple than that. She's four months pregnant with twins. All best wishes to

the lucky mum.

** Psychologists are worried about a disturbing trend among single foreigners who

work in the Kingdom for extended periods. They say that expats who live alone and

take the bulk of their meals in restaurants are showing increasing signs of Nutri-Depressive-Bland-Old-Boring-Menu


Known in the industry as NutriBLOB Syndrome, experts say early signs of the disease

vary from chronic grumpiness in the workplace, rabid snacking on junk food, to muttering

under one's breath at meal times.

"I've seen more and more signs of NutriBLOB," said Thera Putick, a senior

partner with Burned-Out-Case Consultants. "We've also had to deal with several

acute cases which indicate the seriousness of the problem."

Putick said she was called in by an embassy when one of its citizens caused a bit

of a stir at a local supermarket.

"The poor chap refused to leave the store at closing time," sighed Putick.

"He was wandering around the aisles with an empty basket while grumbling repeatedly

'I must find something honorable to eat'."

In another bizzare incident, Putick says one aid worker who failed to show up for

work for several days was found at home sitting in a bathtub filled with Campbell's

Cream of Mushroom soup, mumbling to himself "I want my mommy."

Putick says that if expats see their colleagues start to growl when reading menus

they should contact her for assistance on what steps to take.

** The American Democratic and Republican Institute folks are back in town, having

received $750,000 to help monitor the election, and they are going to work together.

However, if you have difficulties telling the two group's staff apart, keep in mind

that the Democrats sport footwear a la Jesus Christ while the Republicans go more

for that of Christian Dior.


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    Villagers in Sihanoukville’s Commune 4 on Saturday attacked a Chinese man for causing an accident involving two cars and many motorcycles, while the suspect tried to escape. Preah Sihanouk provincial traffic office director Prom Pov identified the suspect as “Zhear Ming Luy”, 16. The suspect hit