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The Gecko: 27 March 1998

The Gecko: 27 March 1998

** The Cambodiana's new executive floor is looking mighty posh. And the

junior suites have one facility which may be uniquely suited to the Khmer environment.

Dubbed the "Chakrapong escape hatch" by one observer, the bedrooms have

a closet that any guest can step into, should an awkward occasion arise, and slip

through doors in the back which open right by the front entrance in the sitting room.

Presto! All set for an express check-out!

** Who says the FCCC isn't flexible! You can now order Vegetarian Pizza with


** There was a bit of a scramble last weekend in trying to track down First

Prime Minister Ung Huot for a comment on the revolving pardon process. One wire service

found him checked into the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok, called his room, but the

person who answered with a voice quite similar to that of the First PM responded:

"Ung Huot is not here. He is on vacation and doesn't want to talk to the press."

** When news broke of the election deal with the Argentinian company, one

senior government official commented: "At least someone is thinking ahead."

** By the way, journos faced a daunting task in trying to track down the company

involved in the election deal. Thanks to Madonna, when you punch "Argentina"

and "Ciccone" into the computer, the Internet spits out 2,000 listings.

** Some countries don't fool around when it comes to justice. Recently, in

Shanghai, a Japanese guest at a German-run hotel left $100 on his bedside when he

left his 6th floor room at 6am, supposedly for the whole day. He came back at 9am

as he forgot his tie, and the cash was gone. He alerted internal police at 9:20.

They showed up, took all staff from the 5th, 6th and 7th floors, and told them to

strip. The C-note was found and the culprit taken away at 9:40. At 12:02 a fax was

sent to all hotels in the city: The boy had been tried, convicted and executed. End

of story.

** The Heng Peo shoot-up left one of the Military Policemen trucked there

for the fireworks a bit confused. Saying he had no idea why the MPs were delivering

a loud and clear message to the Drug Czar's house, except that "the big people

ordered it", the reluctant gendarmerie ducked into the Heart of Darkness, ripped

off his uniform, donned a Heart t-shirt, and sipped a few beers quietly during the

90-minute firefight.

** The wedding of the season seems to have been postponed. Hun Neng's son,

Hun To, was all set to tie the knot with Hok Lundy's 17-year-old daughter. The Lundy

family may want the groom to consider the decision a bit longer, especially since

it's To's second go-round.


  • Government set to slash holidays

    The private sector has welcomed the government’s move to reduce the number of public holidays in the in the Kingdom – known for having the most public holidays in the world – by seven days. However, the government had just added the “Day of Remembrance” on

  • ‘Kingdom lacks up to 400MW in available electricity’

    Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on the general public, hoteliers and businesspeople with generators to use them as back-up as the Electricity Authority of Cambodia cannot generate enough electricity to meet needs due to low water levels in power station reservoirs. On Saturday evening

  • Kith Theang being held in PJ prison

    Kith Theang, the brother of prominent businessman Kith Meng, was charged by Phnom Penh Municipal Court late on Monday and sent to the capital’s Police Judiciare (PJ) prison over the nearly 50kg of drugs found in a February 23 raid by authorities on the Rock

  • Sor Chandeth defends his criticism of Hun Sen

    Former senator Sor Chandeth has defended his choice of words when criticising Hun Sen, saying he was merely speaking metaphorically to attack the Prime Minister’s political life, not his actual person, as the latter seeks damages. [img] Chandeth spoke to The Post on Thursday,