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The Gecko: 9 March 2007

www.the cpp.org/?lang=eng): The 33rd Assembly of the 5th Term of Office of the Central Committee of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) was held on 3rd March 2007. " />

The Gecko: 9 March 2007

What follows is excerpted from the CPP's website (www.the


The 33rd Assembly of the 5th Term of Office of the

Central Committee of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) was held on 3rd March


The Assembly of the Central Committee analysed and assessed the

overall situation and decided to tune the following key principles:


The Assembly proudly marked the progress of general situation in the country in

the last two years, which has brought stronger strength to development and to

the enhancement of the nation's prestige. In particular, the preservation of

political stability and solid society together with achievement gained in the

gradual increase of the economic growth constitute evidence to the righteousness

of the CPP political platform, the competency and capability in the leadership

and management of the Royal Government and in the reunification of national

solidarity with participation from all circles for reconstruction of the

motherland. Based on this, the nation has been progressing forward with firm

position on national independence, democracy and development matching with the

aspiration of the people.

2. The Assembly highly evaluated the success of

the Royal Government under the premiership of Samdech HUN SEN, the Vice

President of the Party, for its endeavoured encouragement to the implementation

of the Party's political platform and the Rectangular Strategy which have

brought the increase in job creation, equity and effectiveness. This has

strengthened and scaled up steadily the common power of the nation.

Specifically, the good results gained from the comprehensive and broad national

reform has created greater opportunity for continued implementation with

effectiveness the agenda for socio-economic development and poverty reduction of

the people.

3. The Assembly expressed its resolute support to principles

and measures carried out by the Royal Government in preventing the grabbing of

state-owned land by some individuals and in solving land disputes so that state

property and the legal interests of people are well protected. The Assembly

suggested the Royal Government to stay firm and even take stronger and more

effective action in solving the problems.

4. The Assembly expressed its

supports and urged the progress of the Extraordinary Court for the Trial the

Crimes committed in the period of the Democratic Kampuchea under Cambodia Law

and within the spirit of the agreement reached between the Royal Government and

the United Nations.

5. The Assembly underlined CPP position in

continuing close cooperation in partnership with the FUNCINPEC Party so that

there will be a unified force bringing success to the political platform of the

Royal Government of Cambodia and the Third Term of Office of the National

Assembly, and working together for continued national development. In the

meantime, CPP committed to continue its efforts in keeping sincere relationship

and cooperation with other political parties and all circles in the society for

the common interests of the people.

6. The Assembly monitored and

evaluated thoroughly every step of the preparation as well as strong commitment

of CPP in gaining success in the forthcoming election of the second term of

office of the commune council whilst respecting strictly to the laws and

democracy principles. The Assembly suggested Authorities at all levels, to all

political parties and civil societies to respect the election law, rules and

procedures, code of conducts and related instructions to the election process

will be successful, fair and free.

7. The Assembly expressed its sincere

appreciation and recognition to the Political Committee at all levels, to every

staff and members of the Party for their strong solidarity and unity within the

Central Committee as well as within the Party, and in the same time keeping in

touch with the people, living with the people and making all efforts from the

bottom of their hearts to strive for the success of their obligation as ruled

out by the Resolution of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Party in November


8. The Assembly made appeal to the whole nation, to people from

diversified sources to stay united with national solidarity spirit so that

peace, national security, democracy will be secured and greater success will be

gained for our motherland. In the coming days, in particular on 1st April,

everyone who registered for the election of the Commune Council, should enjoy

one's right in electing people' s representative at the Council for the

continuity of the commune development.

9. The Assembly expressed its

respect and sincere recognition to the people from everywhere in and beyond the

country for their tirelessness support to the CPP so that the Party could gain

successive achievements in its obligation servicing the interests of the people

and nation. The Party felt strong confidence in people' s wider participation in

the fair and competent leadership of the CPP. In the meantime, the Party

expressed its deep gratitude to the support by international and friendly

communities to the fair cause of the Cambodian people at all



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