With Covid-19 infections on the rise regionally, the Ministry of Health has announced its recommendation that all adults should continue to receive Covid-19 vaccines booster shots every six months for the foreseeable future.

All vaccinations are voluntary and the shots are provided to anyone who is in the Kingdom totally free of charge. Cambodian citizens can present their National ID card or passport and foreign nationals residing in Cambodia should bring their passport with them to the vaccination site.

In a December 30 notice, the Ministry of Health said that there are currently 19 outbreaks of Covid-19 in various countries in the region as well as around the world.

The ministry notice reads that in order to maintain and boost immunity against the spread of Covid-19 to reduce serious illness and deaths caused by the virus, the ministry urges everyone to get vaccinated and continue to receive booster shots every six months.

The ministry also suggested that sub-national authorities must try to gather together and instruct those people who have not been vaccinated with the standard two-dose regimen and third, fourth and fifth doses, to try to convince them to receive those shots for their own benefit.

They also suggest local authorities update their data on who is unvaccinated and continue to contact them and encourage them to get vaccinated without ordering them to do so.

The ministry also said that authorities need to continue to vaccinate target groups in factories, enterprises, schools, markets and remote areas, and continue to educate people as to the benefits of vaccinations and the safety of them.