The government had provided financial support of over 113 billion riel (nearly $28 million) to pregnant workers through the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) as of 2021, according to Minister of Labour and Vocational Training Ith Samheng.

Speaking during an annual meeting of the NSSF held virtually on February 11, Samheng said NSSF had provided financial support to 282,073 pregnant workers who had delivered 284,016 babies.

He said that in 2021 alone, there were 65,871 pregnant workers who had delivered 66,335 babies. The government had disbursed $6.53 million for them.

He said a pregnant worker receives financial support of $100 for delivering a baby, $200 for twins and $300 for triplets. Those who deliver triplets also receive an additional $1,250 from Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“In performing their duties, NSSF had regarded themselves as social service providers to civil servants, veterans and workers ... in a professional manner,” he said.

Samheng said the achievements that NSSF had made reflect the progress of security fund policy implementation in Cambodia, which could lead to the formation of a system that is universal in the future.

He said the ministry had prepared legal procedures to launch pension scheme, but the process had been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. NSSF is now working to determine the date to launch the scheme for employees in accordance with the Labour Law. This scheme should be launched in the first semester of this year, he noted.

“NSSF, institutions and development partners have to strengthen the enforcement of security fund policy for public officials, retired civil servants, veterans, and the provision of healthcare through Health Equity Fund (HEF) for workers in the informal sectors, as well as additional support for pregnant women when they deliver babies,” he said.

NSSF director-general Ouk Samvithyea said NSSF had put into use Health Insurance Scheme and Employment Injury Scheme for the private and public sectors.

He said that as of the end of 2021, a total of 17,317 private enterprises with 2,305,958 employees have registered for the Health Insurance Scheme, while 14,689 enterprises with 2,305,958 employees have registered for the Employment Injury Scheme.

In the public sector, a total of 38 institutions with 398,740 members have registered for the Health Insurance Scheme, and 34 institutions with 248,892 members have registered for the Employment Injury Scheme.

He said that so far NSSF had paid a total allowance of $2.63 million in Employment Injury Scheme, and $38.42 million in Health Insurance Scheme.