Cambodia will donate more than one million masks and pieces of medical equipment to East Timor to help the country fight Covid-19, similar to the Kingdom’s earlier donations to Laos and Myanmar.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said on November 25: “Cambodia not only provides medical assistance to our friends in Laos and Myanmar, but I am also ready to prepare a donation for East Timor.

“Some people scoff at me and say: ‘You can’t solve your own problems but are thinking of helping others?’ Yes, you can say whatever you want. But as a contributor in the international community, I have an obligation to contribute to other states and to provide as much assistance as possible,” he said.

Minister of Health Mam Bun Heng recently delivered more than two million masks and other medical equipment to Myanmar.

“Masks and medical materials are so important for people to prevent from transmission of Covid-19,” Bun Heng said.

He added that although Cambodia provides donations to friendly countries, there is no domestic shortage because Hun Sen had ordered the health ministry to purchase more masks and equipment to refill the government stockpile.

Cambodia’s donation to Myanmar included two million regular masks, 20,000 N95 masks, 20,000 safety goggles, 20,000 sets of safety clothing and 10 thermometers.

The Kingdom on November 16 also donated two million masks of Cambodian-made fabrics and other medical equipment worth $2,224,000 to Laos.