The Ministry of Commerce has vowed to act against deceptive and fraudulent advertising that uses the promise of rewards to lure unsuspecting customers.

Rewards-based adverting is growing globally, but the government is concerned that it could be violating consumer protection laws.

The General Department of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Prevention (CCF) has invited advertising companies to discuss and clarify the practice in June.

Director-General Phan Oun said on Wednesday said he was told by Minister of Commerce Pan Sorasak to strengthen the implementation of the law and check all cases related to advertisements that promise rewards, which can be considered fraud.

He said he would invite all advertising companies to explain their use of the practice.

“We cannot assume that such advertising is fraudulent. We need to wait for clarification and documents proving it first,” he said.

Executive Director of the People Centre for Development and Peace Yong Kim Eng said it’s regretful that the practice of advertisement with reward is widespread.

“The most dangerous advertisement of this kind concern alcohol, which should be restricted as such advertising is very active in the country,” he said.

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