A senior official at the Ministry of Health reiterated that the fight against Covid-19 will not be successful without the participation of local authorities and all members of the community.

Ministry secretary of state Youk Sambath was speaking at the December 15 opening ceremony of a workshop on reviewing the 2022 annual results of the implementation of nutrition programmes in Cambodia.

“Our success in combating the Covid-19 pandemic has been due to the fact that we have worked hard and collaborated closely with local authorities at all levels. This includes the armed forces stationed along the border, as well as the ministries and institutions that worked on our vaccination campaign,” she said.

Sambath added that many countries were surprised at the Kingdom’s success and wanted to learn more about its strategies.

“Although the number of active Covid-19 cases recently increased, the number of vaccinations has also increased, building the immunity of our communities as well as in ourselves,” she said.

She noted that about 40 patients are currently being treated, and none of them were in critical condition. No recent deaths have been recorded.

Although the number of infections is not as high as in the past, she called on all members of the public to continue implementing preventive measures.

“We have to continue to prevent the import of the virus as well as avoid community infections. We are still concerned that other countries are still experiencing new variants,” she said.

According to the ministry, 27 more cases were discovered on December 14, although 13 people had recovered.

As of December 15, Cambodia has logged a total of 138,347 cases, with 3,056 deaths.