The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has announced the successful conclusion of the two-day high school diploma examinations, held on November 6-7.

The exams adhered to the ministry’s guidelines and proceeded smoothly, maintaining a peaceful and orderly atmosphere both inside and outside the exam centres. It strictly adhered to established legal principles and maintained set deadlines, said the ministry spokesperson Khuon Vicheka.

“We have noted the absence of any leaked exam papers or irregularities during the process. The candidates demonstrated their commitment to upholding legal principles, transparency and justice, resulting in a nationally acceptable outcome. In summary, those who put in diligent study efforts achieved success in the exams,” she stated.

However, on the second day of the exam, a few candidates were found to have attempted to bring mathematics answer sheets with them. Examination commission members detected this during the entrance checks and, as a result, these candidates were prohibited from carrying the answer sheets into the exam rooms. Despite these isolated incidents, the ministry anticipates an improved examination outcome this year.

Vicheka stated that on the exam’s second day, approximately 1.66 per cent of candidates, amounting to 2,275 individuals, were absent. Among them, 81 candidates experienced health-related challenges.

The ministry provided clarification, stating that candidates encountering health issues resumed the exams under the close supervision of medical professionals once their conditions improved sufficiently. Unfortunately, four candidates with medical issues were unable to continue with the exam.

“After a 12-year wait, the 2023 high school exams have drawn to a close. We extend our congratulations to all the candidates for their diligent efforts throughout the exams,” the ministry announced following the completion of the process on November 7.

Kong Samneang, the head of the Federation of Education Services in Cambodia, commented on the exams’ conclusion, stating that, based on information received from federation members, the two-day exams proceeded smoothly and in an orderly fashion, with students adhering to the ministry’s guidelines.

“We can affirm that, on both the first and second days of the exam, proceedings remained ordinary. No abnormal events or unusual incidents were observed. Both invigilators and exam centre administrators diligently adhered to schedules and effectively managed the situation. It’s noteworthy that, despite the absence of some students due to health concerns, the overall atmosphere remained positive,” he added.

Candidate Chea Layheng from Indradevi High School stated that invigilators had meticulously inspected all candidates for answer sheets. He voiced his support for the rigorous measures implemented by the ministry, with the expectation of achieving a fair and honest outcome.

“I have been preparing for this since Grade 10, so I aimed for an 80 per cent pass rate. I was not anxious about the exam,” he added.

The ministry has scheduled the release of exam results for November 28 in Phnom Penh and Kandal province, and for November 29 in other provinces, with the announcement to be made through its official social media channels.