Prime Minister Hun Sen, who also is the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) president, marked the 44th anniversary of the January 7 Victory Over Genocide Day, at the Koh Pich centre.

The event was held in the presence of many senior CPP officials and government leaders, civil servants from various goverment institutions, national and international guests, diplomats, students and tens of thousands of Cambodian citizens.

In a social media post, Hun Sen said that 44 years ago, all Cambodians, including young children, were forced to work long hours, with inadequate food, and without holidays, hospitals, schools, or pagodas. All of their rights and freedoms were stripped from them.

“But after the country was liberated on January 7, 1979 under the leadership of the CPP, the people once again enjoyed their rights and freedoms. The whole nation has been peaceful and developed in all sectors under my leadership,” he added.

The Royal Government Spokesperson Unit also released a January 7 statement which celebrated and honoured the memories of the courageous Cambodians who liberated the nation from the brutal regime. The people were once again given the chance to live prosperous lives as fee men and women.

“They now have the right to live, to choose, to seek happiness and are responsible for their own destinies, and that of the nation,” it said.

“January 7 marks the value of ‘Universal Humanity’, and the survival of the Cambodian people. We call this day our ‘second birthday’. January 7 marks the spirit of unity, solidarity, sustainability and development of the entire Kingdom,” it added.

The spokesperson unit extended its deepest gratitude and paid tribute to Cambodian dignitaries.

“They were prepared to lay down their lives to rescue the Cambodian people, especially Prime Minister Hun Sen, who made so many sacrifices for the national cause and the interests of Cambodia and its people,” it said.