Former Prime Minister Hun Sen is set to fly to Bangkok today to pay a visit to his friend Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister of Thailand, according to his Facebook post.

Thaksin was recently paroled from a one year jail term and has been allowed to return to his home.

Hun Sen, currently the head of the Supreme Privy Council to the King, and Taksin have been very close since 1992, and have repeatedly referred to one another as “God brothers”. 

As former prime ministers of the two neighbouring Kingdoms, they have met on many occasions, on both official and personal business.

Their most recent meeting took place in August last year, when Thaksin – as well as his sister Yingluk, also a former Thai prime minister – visited Hun Sen at his home in Takhmao town, to celebrate his 72nd birthday.

According to local media, Hun Sen will return to Cambodia later today.