Koh Kong provincial police have asked for help from Interpol to hunt down those responsible in connection with 20.05kg of methamphetamine found floating in the sea off Chroy Bros commune, in Koh Kong district, Koh Kong province on Saturday.

The provincial deputy police chief in charge of drug enforcement, Min Raksmey, said on Tuesday that police are continuing to search for the owner and leader of the drug network.

“We have launched an investigation and have informed Interpol of our discovery. The Koh Kong provincial police authority has requested cooperation from Interpol to investigate the identity of the drug’s owner and network,” he said.

Raksmey said police have been aware that in the past few months, drug smugglers have crossed the border from Thailand to the Cambodian coast and dropped their stash of drugs in the sea off the Thai border.

Since then, Koh Kong anti-drug authorities had told the people, particularly fishermen, to immediately file a report if they go out to sea and notice something suspicious floating.

He said on the morning of March 28, a fisherman found plastic packages floating on the sea. The police then collected a large plastic package for examinations at the provincial police headquarters.

Upon opening the plastic package, the authorities found 20 small packages containing drugs. Using the drug test kit from the National Anti-drug Authority, it was found that the drugs were a type of methamphetamine (ICE) weighing 20.05kg.