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Indonesian crewmen held over Sihanoukville brawl


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25 October 2016 | 06:21 ICT

Reporter : Kong Meta

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Five Indonesian nationals pose for a photo in Sihanoukville after they were arrested by military police for allegedly attacking a local man on Sunday. GRK

Five Indonesian crew members of a ship docked at Sihanoukville are being detained by military police in the province after allegedly attacking a local man in a bar fight on Sunday, though the victim yesterday dropped his complaint after getting compensation.

Sihanoukville deputy provincial military police chief Keo Sophal said the men were arrested after the fight erupted at the LV club in Commune IV on Sunday night.

Sophal alleged the group – whom he identified as Hero Otavien, 28, Dawin Symamora, 21, Herysim Sylitongga, 21, Agas Nadi, 32, and Amad Sylaben, 33 – were drunk and aggressive, and attacked local man Veng Lygov, 28.

Sophal was unable to give the exact reason for the altercation, which left Lygov with injuries to his forehead and ankles, but said the men had not used weapons.

The five have been accused, but not charged, of aggravated violence and property damage – for overturning tables and furniture during the ruckus – though the victim withdrew his complaint after being offered $220 in compensation, Sophal said.

The official said authorities had acted as mediators between Lygov and the men.

“We tried to reach a compromise in the case because these are foreigners, and incidents like this happen at nightclubs often,” said Sophal, adding the court would deal with the case today.

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