The Ministry of Public Works and Transport inspectors found 33 overweight trucks in Kandal province’s Takhmao town, but they were within the limits that only required a warning. A joint mobile task force from the ministry carried out a two-day inspection.

The owners of the vehicles were advised to stop overloading goods on their trucks.

On September 13-14, Kim San, undersecretary of state of the Ministry of Public Works, led the task force to stop and inspect vehicles to enforce the law and prevent overloaded vehicles from transporting goods in the town, in cooperation with provincial administrative officials.

“During this operation, we inspected and found 33 overweight trucks, but at a forgivable level not requiring any penalties, through the installation of weighing scales,” the ministry said in a September social media post.

The Facebook post announced that the scales had been put at the point of the Prek Samraong Bridge on St 21B in Prek Samraong village of Takhamo town’s Kampong Samnanh commune from the afternoon until midnight.

San explained the law to the owners and drivers and advised them not to transport overweight goods, saying that the transport of overweight goods does a huge amount of damage to the national roads and causes serious road accidents.

As of September 14 the Standing Committee on Overweight Transport Inspection of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has stopped 263 overweight trucks throughout the country.