Minister of Interior Sar Kheng described the strategic digital planning as a crucial part of the government’s technology development plan.

He urged each of the ministry’s relevant working groups to pay close attention to the steps that need to be implemented to ensure that the strategic plan is effective and produces the maximum positive results.

Sar Kheng chaired a May 18 meeting to discuss the drafting of the ministry’s digital strategy plan 2023-2027. He thanked all of his colleagues for their contributions to the plan.

According to a ministry social media post, the plan will support the government’s vision and policies. The ministry’s digital frameworks will respond to the challenges and suggestions made by units of the ministry that relate to the information and communication technology sectors, while also strengthening the efficiency of public service delivery and national security.

It also focuses on the provision of key public services, including civil registration and identification, the registration of local associations and NGOs, and foreign managed companies and enterprises.

The strategic plan will be a mechanism within the framework of the ministry that facilitates connectivity and reduces the budget spent on digital technology projects.