The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, in collaboration with the IT Academy STEP Cambodia and DVV International Cambodia, is set to host the first national lifelong learning forum titled “Digital Technology Represents Lifelong Learning Opportunities” on March 28.

The forum is designed to offer participants the chance to discuss strategies and initiatives related to continuing education, skills development and innovative study in digital technology and inclusive education.

It noted that over 80 institutions will participate to explore main discussion topics, according to a March 26 ministry press release.

“Key topics to be debated include the role of continuous education in supporting economic growth, the job market and skills development and how digital technology fosters lifelong learning opportunities,” it stated.

The outcomes of the forum will be utilised to develop action plans for continuous education and the use of digital technology in learning. These plans aim to increase youth participation in skills training and to ensure that all stakeholders can implement the results, supporting the development of the Cambodian workforce and national economic growth, as per the press release.

Kong Samneang, head of the Federation of Education Services in Cambodia, endorsed the initiative, highlighting its relevance to the current social context. 

“To succeed, we must embrace the concept of lifelong learning. Human development from birth to adulthood requires continuous learning. Without constantly honing our skills, even in middle age and later years, we won’t grow, become wise or be able to engage meaningfully in discussions,” he remarked.

He viewed continuing education as an essential foundation for in-depth thinking, asserting that it can occur anywhere. The use of digital technology, he noted, is a crucial asset that enhances the effectiveness and quality of continuing development.

The ministry urges all educational stakeholders to promote the forum extensively.