Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Prak Sokhonn and Japanese ambassador to Cambodia Masahiro Mikami signed an “exchange of notes” and other documents related to the provision of Japanese grant aid and loans worth approximately $72 million to implement six projects.

According to the foreign ministry’s press statement on October 11, the six projects are in the areas of water supply, mine action, construction materials, cadastral surveys, human resource development and manufacturing.

“[This assistance] is to contribute to the promotion of socio-economic development in Cambodia,” the ministry said.

The Siem Reap Water Supply Expansion Project Phase II takes up the bulk of the funds with a budget of $58 million.

The grant also awards $12.49 million for the implementation of socio-economic development programmes – $1.8 million for mine action, $2.27 million for construction materials, $2.27 million for cadastral surveying, $3.63 million for human resource development and the remaining $4.54 million for manufacturing development.

Sokhonn said at the signing ceremony that this assistance was a testament to Japan’s continued support for Cambodia despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Japan has been supporting Cambodia in the fight against Covid-19 through the provision of loans, grant aid and vaccines, and these charitable donations reflect the close ties and cooperation between our two countries. Japan has also contributed to Cambodia’s nationwide vaccination campaign,” he said.

Sokhonn also noted that Japan was an active architect of the peace process in Cambodia and has made ongoing significant contributions over the years in rebuilding the country after decades of war and devastation.

“The people of Cambodia will always treasure the generosity of the people of Japan,” Sokhonn said.

The Japanese embassy said a separate press release on October 11 that in response to a request from the Cambodian government – and with a view to strengthening friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries – the Japanese government has decided to extend its direct loans, also known as “ODA Yen Loans”, to Cambodia.

“The Siem Reap Water Supply Expansion Project Phase II with a 60,000-cubic-metre per day capacity water treatment facility and 200km of water distribution pipes will continue to be developed in Siem Reap following the success of Phase I.

“It is expected that these cooperative projects will contribute to the future development of Cambodia in each respective sector and also to the mutual understanding and building of friendly relations between Japan and Cambodia,” the embassy said.