Minister of Information Neth Pheaktra recently met with Japanese ambassador Atsushi Ueno to explore ways to enhance media collaboration between the two countries.

Pheaktra emphasised the need to combat fake news, stating at his September 6 meeting with Ueno that it poses a threat to society.

He expressed a commitment to transform the ministry into a reliable source of factual information for both the public and the international community, and called on Japan to assist Cambodia in modernising its media landscape.

“We aim to mitigate the effects of deceptive content and implement coping strategies.

“Additionally, we plan to establish a national standard for the ethical and professional conduct of journalists,” Pheaktra said.

Ueno noted that both countries share a strong diplomatic relationship, citing Japan’s past assistance to the National Television of Cambodia (TVK) in constructing newsrooms and supplying news dissemination materials in 1998.

Pheaktra added that the ministry plans to upgrade its infrastructure and develop human resources to meet the challenges of technological advances and current societal needs.