Japan on Thursday provided a $1.43 million grant to three organisations working to clear cluster bombs, improve food security and promote sustainable agricultural conditions for poverty reduction in Cambodia.

The grant was signed by Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia Masahiro Mikami and representatives of the three recipients at the Japanese embassy.

“The Japanese government has agreed to provide $1,431,852 in total for three recipient organisations under the framework of the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO projects,” a press release said.

It said more than $265,000 was given to the Foundation for International Development/Relief to implement food and nutrition security projects in Kampong Chhnang province.

More than $729,000 was given to Japan Mine Action Services to implement comprehensive mechanical demining in Kampong Thom.

And more than $436,000 was given to the Institute of Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation to carry out the promotion of sustainable agricultural conditions for poverty reduction in Kampong Cham.

The ambassador said so far, the Japanese government had provided support to more than 120 projects in Cambodia through its grants for NGOs to help economic and social development.

“Cambodia is developing very fast, but there are still challenges to be solved to improve the people’s lives, such as mine clearance, poverty reduction, and social, environment and educational development,” he said.

He said he expects that the grants would improve the lives of the people living in the areas covered by the projects.

The Japan Mine Action Services and Cambodia Mine Action Centre (CMAC) also signed a cooperation agreement to clear mines and remnants of war. The project will use machinery to destroy mines in Kampong Thom province.

CMAC said the project would cost $317,000 for one year, ending in February next year. It will be implemented in Kampong Svay district and Santuk district in Kampong Thom province.