The Ehime prefecture of Japan has gifted vital life-saving and agricultural machinery to the Battambang Provincial Administration as part of their efforts to strengthen the bonds of friendship between them.

The package included three ambulances, one fire engine and two tractors, according to a May 15 press release from the provincial administration.

“The gift aims to contribute to important emergency response work in the province, and improve the close ties between the two regional authorities,” it said.

Battambang provincial governor Sok Lou met with Japanese ambassador Atsushi Ueno on May 15 to discuss several cooperative tasks and means to improve Cambodia-Japan ties.

He thanked the Ehime prefecture for its donations, noting that they will contribute to improving both the emergency response and agricultural sectors of the province.

“They will strengthen both sectors and will help Battambang to expand and develop more rapidly,” he said.

Early this year, Shindo Shigeharu Shop Co Ltd – the largest manufacture of food products in Ehime – announced that it intends to invest in the processing of agricultural produce in Battambang.