The Royal Academy for Judicial Professions has announced that it is opening enrollments for 250 judges, prosecutors, court clerks, bailiffs and notary students. Applications were opened on April 10.

Candidates are invited to submit their applications in person at the administration office of the academy during business hours. The announcement did not provide a deadline for applications.

On April 11, Ministry of Justice spokesman Chin Malin told The Post that the figure included the selection of 50 judges and prosecutors, 50 bailiffs, 50 notaries and 100 student court clerks.

“The sum was decided upon based on the national budget, and the estimated caliber of applicants. The justice ministry will select only applicants who meet the standards of ethics and professionalism,” he said.

“The ministry will take into account the allocated budget for judicial services and the qualifications, both moral and academic, of the individuals who apply. We cannot hire every law graduate in the country, but we encourage all graduates who wish to commit to the aforementioned professions to apply,” he added.

He acknowledged that the 250 new candidates would not meet the total requirements of the judicial system, which has seen a sharp increase in cases in the past few years.

“These recruitments will, however, ease the burden on the system and encourage students to consider entering the service of justice, which is in high demand,” he said.

According to the ministry, Cambodia currently has a total of 600 judges and prosecutors at all levels of courts across the country. This number does not include clerks, bailiffs or notaries. A recent royal decree allows judges and prosecutors attached to the Supreme Court to delay their retirement for up to five years once they reach the current retirement age of 60.