Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation announced on July 7 that it had received more than one billion riel – over a quarter of a million dollars – through its “10,000 Riel 10,000 Donors” campaign that kicked off on June 1.

The foundation noted in a statement that the public had contributed a total of 1,162,082,517 riel ($285,246) through the campaign, of which “approximately $100,000” was donated on June 1 alone, according to an earlier report.

Although the campaign was scheduled until June 30, the statement assured that the public could still make donations to support the five Kantha Bopha paediatric hospitals nationwide, highlighting that annual operating costs amount to a total of $40 million.

“Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation would like to thank all the generous people for contributing to the foundation, and especially the ministries, institutions, the media, and companies for helping us publicise this ‘10,000 Riel 10,000 Donors’ campaign,” the foundation added.