The Cambodia Kantha Bopha Foundation (CKBF) received over $1.3 million in donations from more than 130,000 philanthropists in the first eleven days of its “10,000 Riel 10,000 Donors” campaign, which aims to help provide free medical treatment to Cambodian children.

“As of 11:30am on June 11, more than 138,000 philanthropists have made a series of donations to our important annual fundraising campaign, with total contributions of over $1.3 million,” the CKBF said in a June 11 statement.

It explained that support committees from national and local domestic institutions and major companies and enterprises have organised fundraising activities to support the month-long campaign, which runs from June 1 to 30.

The CKBF called on philanthropists who wish to donate to bring smiles to faces of the infants and children who represent Cambodia’s bright future to help spread the word about the campaign on their respective social media and to make donations.

The CKBF said via social media on June 11 that Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital doctors have successfully performed surgery on a one-year-old child by removing a cancerous tumour from his kidney. The surgery was free of charge.

“Please continue to donate to the campaign. Your donation will truly save the lives of Cambodian children. 

“Today [June 11], the hospital announced the success of a life-saving operation. A team of doctors removed a tumour from the right kidney of a one-year-old boy. After the successful procedure, the child will receive free chemical chemotherapy for another eight months,” it said.

CKBF honourable president Pich Chanmony took to her personal social media to drive awareness of the campaign.

“All philanthropists, please continue to donate to the campaign. Together we can help the lives of Cambodian children,” said the first lady.

“Maintaining the sustainability of the operation of the Kantha Bopha children’s hospitals is the common task of all Cambodians,” she announced on June 1, as she presided over the launch of the campaign.