Sihanoukville governor Sar Kakada on January 19 issued a notice ordering that vehicles – including vendor carts and trailers – be kept off of the town’s beaches and seaside promenades, effective immediately, citing damage to the paths as well as tourist safety and public order risks.

The notice instructed police to “temporarily seize” vehicles in violation of the order, reasoning that the move would ensure the safety of tourists and keep the seafront beautiful.

Kakada could not be reached for comment as of press time.

The Sihanoukville administration expressed confidence that the people would be responsible and do their part to ensure compliance with the governor’s order.

Cambodian National Research Organisation (CNRO) director Sok Sokhom remarked that the move comes timely, arguing that a prolonged delay could have potentially led to notable public order disruptions and diminished the attractiveness of the seafront.

“Sihanoukville’s coastal areas are public property for recreation – people can’t be allowed to haphazardly ride motorcycles, drive cars, or drag carts or trailers there, otherwise it could spoil the mood of domestic and international tourists,” he argued.