The Kep Provincial Administration announced that all business owners and service providers related to media, printing and electronics must fill out application forms and pay fees for renewing advertising permits for 2022 before April 29.

According to the February 20 notice, the businesses include radio; television; publishing and printing houses; computer and electronic repair shops; photocopy and printing facilities; and all businesses related to advertising.

The provincial administration instructed that they pay their fees at the One Window Service Office located in the provincial hall compound.

The notice said that if signs are less than 4sqm and mounted on a commercial building, a permit should be applied for with the town or district administration. If the sign was in a public place, they shall apply to the provincial administration.

“Failure to comply with the notice will result in fines or suspension of business,” it read.

Removal of signs and billboards will also follow in case of non-compliance, with any costs or damages borne by the businesses. Owners could also face legal action if a sign affected traditions, beauty, individual rights or social order, it added.

In order to make the process easier to manage, the administration requested that applications be submitted as early as possible.