King Norodom Sihamoni has asked eligible Cambodians to vote in the upcoming general elections for a leader in the interest of growth and development in all sectors.

The appeal was made in a letter dated February 8 that became widespread on February 18.

The “free, fair, credible and peaceful” elections, as guaranteed by Cambodia’s multi-party liberal democracy, falls on Sunday, July 23, it said, stressing: “Please don’t ever worry about pressure, threat or intimidation by anyone.”

He appealed to his subjects to exercise their right and freedom to vote – in confidence and with their conscience – for whichever candidate or political party that they so choose.

Meanwhile, the National Election Committee (NEC) announced that all political parties registered at the Ministry of Interior have 15 days, between April 24 and May 8, to register their candidates for the elections.

The NEC expressed hope that political parties and election commissions at all levels will work together to ensure that the National Assembly vote proceeds smoothly.