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King talks of taking power

King talks of taking power

B EIJING - King Norodom Sihanouk, watching from Beijing with increasing alarm the

failure of peace negotiations and continuing civil war, is planting the seeds

for retaking the reigns of power in Cambodia.

But he stressed he would

only assume control if invited by parliament and with the agreement of the

leaders of the Royal Government, particularly Hun Sen and his Cambodian People's

Party who Sihanouk said must agree to his taking real power or such an effort

would be "useless."

In an interview with the Post on June 11, Sihanouk

unveiled a detailed plan to assume real power from the Royal Government and

forge a national reconciliation government that gives high positions to the

Khmer Rouge in order to halt the civil war.

"It is true that the current

government has shown that it is not capable of stopping the process of

deterioration of the situation - the overall situation," Sihanouk said in a

three-hour interview at his Peking palace.

"I hope the situation of

Cambodia will not be in anarchy, but if the situation is one of anarchy I will

be obliged to intervene. But I will not intervene unless the parliament says

that, for one or two years, we have to stop the constitutional system, like in

ancient Rome, we have to let a national leader, a traditional leader return to

power in order to save the situation and lead the country. If I am not too weak

physically I will certainly say 'yes.'

"I must be frank. Because I love

Cambodia too much I cannot let Cambodia sink like that. I cannot let it and I

will have against me [co-prime ministers] Prince Ranariddh and Hun Sen. Sure,

sure, but how can I avoid intervening in a few months time or one year's time if

the situation continues to deteriorate?"

Sihanouk currently holds the

title of head of state as the constitutional monarch, but acknowledges it is a

largely powerless role.

His efforts at brokering a peace accord between

leaders of the government and the radical Khmer Rouge collapsed earlier this

month in Pyongyang with no sign of progress. A new round of talks was to begin

on June 15 in Phnom Penh, but little hope is held for any


Pleas by the government for international military

assistance to fight the Khmer Rouge have been largely rejected by major Western

powers, and instability in the countryside has gravely hampered hoped for

private investment and international reconstruction aid that is needed to help

bring economic improvement and political stability to the struggling regime.

Such a situation has helped the Khmer Rouge strengthen their position in

recent months. A five-month government military campaign against the guerrilla

faction met with no success with the government in control of less territory

than before their military push.

"I warned Prince Ranariddh and Hun Sen

that we could not go to war in such conditions, but Mr. Hun Sen, he is

definitely against my warning because he is aware of the fact that the King

reigns but does not govern."

But Sihanouk said the country's two prime

ministers "believe that they are able men and should not be replaced, even by


And, he warned, "I must tell you frankly I think seriously of a

secession", if Sihanouk attempted to take power. Without prior agreement by Hun

Sen "there would be bloodshed."

"I know that Mr Hun Sen will be red in

the face....when he will read your article he will say that 'we were absolutely

wrong to elect Sihanouk as King, it is extremely bad, extremely dangerous and

now he wants to retake power and to take the Khmer Rouge again in his

government. It will be a catastrophe'. Mr Hun Sen will attack me very, very

violently. I know that. But it is my duty now to tell you today that I cannot

accept the death of Cambodia and the Cambodian people and race. I cannot before

I die. I prefer to die at the service of my nation to help save it rather than

to die in Peking and in the hospital and letting my homeland sink completely and

disappear from the map of the world.

"As Prince Ranariddh used to say to

me 'please let me go on governing Cambodia because I have taken power for just a

few months. You have to wait until next year to see the results. But there is

another opinion among the people and among the politicians. The other opinion is

that if they allow this government to go on for one year Cambodia will

completely collapse-not just the government but the country


Sihanouks comments come amid a backdrop of popular discontent,

including among leading figures in the government, military, and national

assembly who are frustrated at their own party leaders inability to achieve

stability since last year's elections.

Sihanouk said that a number of

senior "politicians, military figures, and in the administration" had come to

him asking him to seize power in recent months.

Sihanouk stressed that a

return to power would require the approval of the parliament. The constitution

allows the parliament-with two thirds approval of the 120 member body-to give

"extraordinary" powers to the King during a time of crisis.

It is this

fact that supporters of the move to bring Sihanouk back to power are attempting-

essentially a constitutional coup that would be led by members of the two major

parties in the coalition government behind the backs of their own


But Sihanouk is well aware that without the support of the CPP -

which controls the bulk of the army, security services, and state administration

- his efforts would be doomed.

"I will accept to return to power, but I

need also Hun Sen's support. If he does not support me it is useless for me to

go back to Cambodia because I do not want to shed blood to fight a secession led

by Hun Sen.... I need Hun Sen. I need his support. I need the approval of his

party. I cannot return to power to go back to Cambodia unless I have the

assurance that Hun Sen and his party will join me in my government."


want my power from the parliament....I will not let them have a pretext to

condemn me as a dictator....I will accept power on the condition that the

parliament will give it to me and I will return to Cambodia only if Mr Hun Sen's

party joins me."

"As far as Ranariddh is concerned, I am sure that my son

will not betray me...He will accept certainly. Not with joy. With sadness

certainly. With anger certainly," Sihanouk said, "But he will I am sure not


Aides say that Sihanouk will try to come back to Cambodia in July

or August, depending on the outcome of current medical tests in Beijing to

assess the state of his cancer. He said that he has suffered from lymphoma - now

in remission - bone marrow cancer, arteriosclerosis, and heart and liver


But sources say that, to date, his medical condition has

responded well to treatment, and he appears strong and lively to his many

visitors. "I still have cancer cells in my bone marrow - but I feel quite

normal. It is in my nature. I don't like to appear like a man who is physically

ill. I used to be dynamic...but in fact I have very, very, serious health


"So like Charles DeGaulle from his small village of Colombay

Les Deux Eglises in 1958...I may retake power.... I may imitate DeGaulle. But

not now. I must wait for further deterioration of the


Sihanouk outlined a detailed structure of a government that

he would lead, including himself "as head of state and head of government with

strong powers" and four vice presidents, which include the First and Second

Prime Ministers, Sam Rainsy, and Khmer Rouge president Khieu Samphan.


said that he has been thinking for some time of the possibility of retaking

power. "I do not improvise. It is not just because you ask me a question. No,no,

I have been thinking of this for many nights. In the nights I do not sleep well

because I am thinking of the fate of my country."

He stressed that "I

have no plan to take power now," and that the situation "is not desperate

enough", but "in case the situation will become anarchic and desperate I would

have to take power for one or two years. I did it in 1952 and 1953 to put an end

to the anarchy of the Kingdom....so why not now before I die, the last

mission....If Mr Hun Sen, instead of making secession, if Mr Hun Sen's party

decides to join me I would be too happy to accept their support."


plan is very simple. I will be the head of the government. Not just the head of

state, but the head of government. That means my own Prime Minister."


repeat I want national reconciliation and my government can only be one of

national unity with all parties and I will give important portfolios to the

Khmer Rouge," he said, "The program is this: the rehabilitation and

reconstruction of the country and a non-war situation, national reconciliation,

and together with the Khmer Rouge and non-Khmer Rouge we join to rebuild our

nation, and besides that I repeat we will maintain the parliament," he said,

"The only difference is I will make a radical change in my non-war policy. No

war with the Khmer Rouge and the Khmer Rouge in my government. It is the only

change! The only change! But it is the very, very basis of my process of saving


But, he said, even his own wife Queen Monineath - considered

Sihanouk's closest political advisor and confident - is opposed to his return to

the reigns of state. "I reveal to you my wife says: 'I am definitely against

your return to power. I am not your supporter in case you retake power.' So, you

know I will lose even my wife. But to lose my wife,to lose Mr Hun Sen is nothing

compared to Cambodia.

"For me Cambodia is my life. If Cambodia sinks I

have no reason to survive. I have no reason to live. I prefer dying...."


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