The Koh Kong Provincial Administration plans to build two crematoriums for deceased Covid-19 patients – one in Mondul Seima district’s Tuil Koki commune and the other in Botum Sakor district’s Chi Treh commune.

Provincial deputy governor Khim Chandy told The Post on May 4 that the first construction site off National Road 48 in Tuil Koki commune’s Tuol Koki Leu village was chosen by provincial governor Mithona Phuthong.

This 2ha site of state reserve land will be for the crematorium and an incinerator for medical waste. The administration plans to spend between $7,000 and $10,000 on construction.

However, Chandy said the administration is currently reviewing designs of crematoriums in other provinces. Phuthong will then decide which design to use as a model for the Koh Kong crematoriums.

He said the crematorium would not be modern, made of steel and bricks with a cremation oven.

Chandy said currently Covid-19 in the province is not a serious problem and there have been no deaths. But the administration must be prepared and build crematoriums as per Prime Minister Hun Sen’s instructions.

When Covid-19 deaths occur, the province will be ready.

“We chose the site near the provincial town, located in Mondul Seima district, which is a central point that can take Covid-19 corpses from other districts to be cremated. It is about 10km from the provincial town.”

“After the completion of the first one, we will build another. Both the layout and size may be the same, just different locations,” he said.

During her inspection visit to the site on May 3, the provincial governor urged officials to start construction as quickly as possible so she can decide on the construction of the other.