The Koh Kong Provincial Administration is rolling out plans for infrastructure and building construction for 2022 as the coastal province attracts increasing interest among investors.

In a meeting late last week, it revealed that it is administering the Three-Year Rolling Infrastructure Investing Planning which was approved by the provincial council.

Deputy provincial governor Sam Khit Vien, who is also deputy chief of the Koh Kong Development Commission, said the meeting was held to discuss the development projects that have been granted funding from the provincial development project budget for 2022.

“All the projects for 2022 and additional subsidies have been approved by the provincial commission for planning, orientation, and development of Koh Kong province in accordance with the Three-Year Rolling Infrastructure Investing Planning,” he said.

Vien said the province has potential for development in several sectors, key of which includes tourism, agricultural production and industrial agriculture.

At the meeting, he urged the construction of more factories as they do not currently have a presence in the province.

Provincial governor Mithona Phouthong told The Post on February 13 that the development plan for Koh Kong would focus on infrastructure – primarily roads in districts and towns, but also in communes if they are found to be in poor condition or damaged.

“Development will focus on construction because there have been several companies that are very interested in this province,” she said.

In late 2021, provincial authorities unveiled a number of islands in the province that were ready to welcome tourism and investment.