A 43-year-old Laotian man was sent to court yesterday following his Saturday arrest for allegedly attempting to traffic 30 kilograms of methamphetamine into Cambodia through Stung Treng province, according to police.

Mao Dara, police chief in Stung Treng province, identified the suspect as 43-year-old Ang Noysak Sereisak, also known as Kob Seriesak.

“Now the suspect was sent to the provincial court for further procedures,” he said.

Cham Panith, general director for the provincial Anti-Drug Department, said his forces had been investigating the case for a week before carrying out the arrest.

Panith said there were two suspects involved, but one of them fled into Laos. On the day of the arrest, both men allegedly parked their vehicle on the Lao side of the border, and walked into Cambodia with a plastic bag containing the drugs on their shoulders.

That’s when forces intervened, confiscating 30 packets of methamphetamine weighing a total of 30 kilograms.

Panith said the men were going to distribute the drugs to a dealer in Cambodia.

“There are two suspects, but one managed to cross back into the Lao side and one was arrested and interrogated,” he said. “During the interrogation, the suspect [said] that they have a drug lord in Cambodia.”

Panith wasn’t able to reveal the identity of the Cambodian contact as the investigation is ongoing.

Chum Sheanghak, spokesman for the provincial court, said he didn’t know what charge the prosecutor would bring against the suspect.