A 57-year-old man who ate a poisonous pufferfish died yesterday evening at a hospital in Kratie Province, while his wife and daughter were being treated for poisoning.

The man, Khat Khan, died after eating the poisonous krapot fish in Chhoung district’s Kampong Damrey commune, district chief Heng Sitha said. His wife Ham Pork, 53, and their 18-year-old daughter Khan Raty received treatment in time at Memot district hospital in Tbong Khmum province.

“The husband ate more than the others. Then he felt sick and vomited,” he said.

Lon Hong, the commune police chief who inspected Khan’s body, said the victim had bruises on the body because of the effect of the poison.

A dog and three chickens also died from eating the fish after villagers threw it away after hearing that the family got sick, Hong said.

In January, the Ministry of Health instructed people to be careful when eating this kind of fish after nine people got sick and one died. The ministry said there are 10 kinds of krapot, of which three are poisonous. The level of poison increases during its reproduction period between February and March, and July and August.