Hun Manet, the successor for Cambodia’s prime ministership, recently shared his perspective on leadership, saying mere ideas and willpower are insufficient and that only through daring to take action can any worthwhile value be derived from work.

“When accomplishing a task, we need to attribute value to tangible results. No matter their size, results stem from practical actions and they are preferable to big opinions, ideas or a daring will, if those aren’t translated into action,” he said in an August 2 social media post.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said Manet’s statements offered the public and observers deeper insight into his leadership style and personal viewpoints as he prepares to assume the role on August 22.

Peou said Manet’s intention is to create space for competent individuals to voice diverse ideas, showcasing their potential for the benefit of the nation.

“Some intellectual views of politicians and their supporters have expressed their mindset, views and will,” he said.

Yang Kim Eng, president of the People Centre for Development and Peace, agreed that Manet’s articulation of his leadership views gives the Cambodian people hope. It signals a possible transition to a new leadership era, one underpinned by fresh visions.

“The people commonly anticipate a new leader’s promise to address three main concerns: democracy, transparency and development. These are the people’s desires,” he said.

He added that for a political leader to successfully implement their views or policies and fulfil their state promises, they need to have a crystal clear plan, capable human resources and, most crucially, active participation from people at both grassroots and national levels.