As the war on drugs rages on, local authorities continue to comb the vicinity for suspects involved in a major drug find – a stash of 103kg of methamphetamine, discovered in a vehicle that crashed into domestic front barriers in the capital’s Sen Sok district.

The vehicle, flagged by a Lao number plate, left investigators with a reminder of the illicit narcotics traffic that blights the region.

In an interview with The Post on July 9, Anti-Drug Department deputy director In Song revealed that the manhunt was still ongoing.

“As of June 9, the investigation is still in progress and the perpetrators have managed to elude capture,” he said.

The discovery, according to Song, was that the methamphetamine, colloquially referred to as “ice”, had been transported from Laos.

Yet, the intended destination of the drug cargo remained unknown, leaving authorities grappling for leads until the suspects can be apprehended.

Sen Sok district police chief Hour Mengvang recalled that a white Hyundai SUV, marked with a Lao license plate, had crashed into a stone barrier in front of residences on Street 598 around 11 pm on July 7. The impact left the vehicle immobilised, prompting residents to notify the authorities.

“Our officers were dispatched to the scene promptly after receiving the report.

“The vehicle was then transported back to our station for a thorough inspection,” he said.

Their investigation revealed packages concealed within the car, later identified as methamphetamine, amounting to a hefty 103kg upon weighing. With the driver still at large, the local law enforcement maintains its pursuit.

“The driver managed to escape from the scene, but rest assured, our officers are tirelessly searching for them,” said Mengvang.