A website dedicated to the prevention and removal of non-consensual sharing of intimate images (NCII) is being launched in the Khmer language by Meta, with support from local NGO AusCam Freedom Project.

The initiative is supported by the Cambodia-Australia Freedom Project (AusCam) and the non-profit charity South West Grid for Learning Trust (SWGfL).

In a December 5 press release, Meta Cambodia said that the platform, which is called StoNCII.org, is the first global initiative of its kind to safely and securely help people who are concerned their intimate images (photos or videos of a person which feature nudity or are sexual in nature) may be shared without their consent.

The release said representatives from relevant government agencies, NGOs, and embassies were present at a December 2 event in Phnom Penh to launch the Khmer language version of the portal.

Meta public policy manager for Cambodia Pheakdey Heng said that the launching of a Khmer language portal dedicated to the prevention and removal of such images was for the good of all Cambodians.

“The non-consensual sharing of intimate images (NCII) — sometimes unfortunately referred to as revenge porn — can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Meta does not allow this content on our apps,” he said.

StopNCII.org builds on technology developed by Facebook and Instagram’s NCII internal features. This new platform provides even greater safety, privacy and security to help victims and supporting organisations to remove NCII from the internet as a whole.

Meta is supporting the launch of StopNCII.org with the UK Revenge Porn Helpline and more than 50 organisations across the world.

In Cambodia, Meta has partnered with local NGO AusCam Freedom Project, which supports women and children who are vulnerable to online exploitation.

Sophie Mortimer, revenge porn helpline manager for SWGfL said that StopNCII.org marked a significant change in the way people are protected online from the sharing of intimate images without consent and was delighted to welcome AusCam to our vital network of partners in this initiative.

“We know that the women and men who use StopNCII.org will be experiencing complex situations. These organisations will be able to provide essential, sensitive, appropriate support in their own communities,” she said.

“I firmly believe that we can end non consensual intimate image abuse by working together, collectively and globally,” she added.

AusCam country director Sambath Soeurng said in the press release that over the past 12 months, an increasing number of victims have contacted them for help removing non-consensually shared intimate materials.

“StopNCII.org portal is an important technological solution to this issue. As an organisation dedicated to the protection of girls and women, AusCam is delighted to offer support for the launch of this extremely worthwhile portal and cause” he added.

When someone is concerned their intimate images have been posted or might be posted to online platforms like Facebook or Instagram, they can create a case through StopNCII.org to proactively detect them.

StopNCII.org is for adults over 18 years old who think an intimate image of them may be shared, or has already been shared, without their consent. For people who are under 18, there are other resources and organisations that can offer support, including the AusCam Freedom helpline: 011 444 080 or chat to their FB Messenger at @ACFreedomProject.