Metfone held a Handover Ceremony at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport on August 16, with the Kingdom's leading telecommunications-digital technology services provider to supply 26 sets of cutting-edge videoconferencing systems.

The event was presided over by Minister of Education HE Dr Hang Chuon Naron and Metfone general director Phung Van Cuong, as the top mobile operator furthers its commitment to assisting Cambodia's learning sector.

Dr Hang Chuon Naron expressed gratitude to Metfone for the tech rollout, with the systems set to streamline the ministry's operations.

"The handing over of the 26 sets of videoconferencing systems is really crucial for us to link all provincial education departments and connect them to international conferences.

"This will allow us to make substantial cost savings and carry out our work more efficiently, as well as promote the digital transformation programme," he said.

HE Dr Hang Chuon Naron hailed the partnership with Metfone. SUPPLIED

Phung Van Cuong said the handover demonstrated the major focus Metfone places on education, with the company seeing investment in learning as investment in the future.

"Metfone is very honoured to continue to accompany the Ministry of Education in building a system of 26 video bridging points.

"With these bridge points, it will help the ministry's communication and administration across all 25 provinces and the capital to be faster and more efficient.

"With the available capabilities in the field of technology, and the projects that have been built to apply technology in the field of education, Metfone will continue to join hands with the Ministry of Education in digital transformation," said Phung Van Cuong.

Metfone is committed to supporting the Ministry of Education to bring the best to the Cambodian education sector, offering advanced solutions, experts and technology in the most suitable and effective ways.

And the handover comes as part of Metfone's ongoing commitment to sponsoring and supporting Cambodian society with a number of community activities.

Prominent is the project of implementing Metfone's School Information System (SIS) for 265 schools, with over 310,000 students, 15,000 teachers and 450,000 parents benefiting a – total of more than 775,000 users.

Metfone is the only network operator to carry out such a project for the Ministry of Education, receiving positive feedback from schools, teachers and students.

According to the cooperation plan, Metfone will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Education to digitally transform 3,000 schools across the Kingdom.

The latest educational solutions – such as digital books, e-learning, online testing and electronic libraries –will be integrated into the same centralised system across schools, and state-of-the-art technologies deployed to the ministry.

Dr Hang Chuon Naron said he would he would personally chair a working group to ensure the ongoing cooperation with Metfone is implemented most effectively, and the full potential of the SIS system realised.