Tbong Khmum province police on Sunday arrested a man carrying both journalist and military credentials for allegedly illegally transporting rosewood, police said.

Hong Nak, deputy police chief of Tbong Khmum, said suspect Suos Nay was listed as a reporter for the newspaper Serey Pheap Khmer, while also serving as second lieutenant under the name Hak Polis. He said Nay was arrested on Sunday while illegally transporting rosewood timber to sell it in Vietnam.

“We saw him in time and stopped him to check, and found rosewood timber, a press pass with his face and the name Suos Nay, and his military officer card with the name Hak Polis in his car,” Nak said.

The police then brought Nay, the car and 250 kilograms of rosewood to the provincial police station.

“During questioning, the suspect confessed that he illegally transported rosewood several times to sell in Vietnam through the illegal border checkpoints of Takeo and Kampot provinces, and this the first time that he was arrested for this crime,” Nak said, adding that police would send him to court Tuesday morning.