Environment minister Say Samal has emphasised the pressing nature of climate change, citing it as a priority demanding the united efforts of all stakeholders involved in the nation’s socio-economic progression.

While chairing the fourth gathering of the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance-Phase 3 (CCCA3) on June 20, Samal commended the group for its commitment to combating climate change within Cambodia over the past two decades.

He highlighted these accomplishments as inspirational milestones, resonating deeply with Cambodians who value environmental preservation and climatic stability.

“Climate change, biodiversity, desertification and human resource development rank high in our contemporary socio-economic development goals,” Samal remarked.

In line with the environment ministry’s directive, all activities – encompassing social protection policy promotion, green financing, private sector collaboration, sustainable resource management and cooperative ministry efforts against climate change – will now be unified under the National Strategic Development Plan.

Samal urged the relevant working parties to embrace suggestions from inter-ministerial and developmental partners, enhancing the efficacy and sustainability of climate change response initiatives. This would also aid in devising pertinent policies for elevating living standards and securing sustainable development.

During the meeting, these inter-ministerial and development partners reviewed CCCA3’s primary achievements from 2022 and ratified an action plan for 2023-2024.

In 2021, the ministry publicised the launch of the Long-term Strategy for Carbon Neutrality (LTS4CN). This document bears testament to Cambodia’s dedication to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, outlining policy scenarios to realise their vision of a carbon-neutral, resilient society over the forthcoming 30 years.