The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications hosted a recent consultative forum to discuss the Cambodian cyber security sector, noting that it remains crucial to reduce some of the risks associated with information technology.

This consultation, organised by the ministry and supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), saw the participation of inter-ministerial representatives, relevant state institutions, universities, and several Japanese officials and specialists.

Telecoms ministry secretary of state Khov Makara noted that the stakeholder meeting aimed to study and evaluate the level of cybersecurity of Cambodia through the collection of input from key organisations, both public and private.

“The discussion focused on boosting the level of cyber security to contribute to making Cambodia’s cyber space more resilient, safe and credible for citizens, businesspeople and public officials,” he said.

He added that the talks will also contribute to regional and international cyber security cooperation partners, in order to allow timely responses to complex cyber incidents.

According to the ministry, raising the level of cyber security requires an assessment of the current situation, followed by the establishment of a roadmap for the development of cyber security capabilities which is based on internationally used measurement models.

“This measurement will provide us with scientific data which clearly describes the current situation relative to countries in the region and beyond. We will set strategic goals for ways to develop capacity and risk management in the Cambodian cyberspace, in line with the government’s Pentagonal Strategy,” it explained.

During the consultation, stakeholders expressed their hopes that the forum would provide practical inputs that would be used as an important starting point in the process of improving the resilience of the Kingdom’s cybersecurity.

Kin Phea, director of the International Relations Institute at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, voiced support for the promotion of cyber security. He considered it important, particularly as Cambodia and the rest of the world reach the Industrial Revolution 4.0, or Industry 4.0.

“Cyberspace is an important area, but requires high security considerations to avoid the challenges of online fraud and technology crimes. We must ensure social, economic and political order. We should push human resource development in this area further to make the cyber sector even stronger,” he told The Post.